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Are You All Talk,
No Bite?

Breathe Better, Smile Bigger, Live Longer.

Welcome to a home for oral health that goes beyond what you normally expect from a dentist in Bellemeade and Green Hills. Bite Dentistry helps patients breathe easier, feel more confident, and know a whole new level of wellness.

Your Dentist
Cristin Lewis, DDS

When you love dentistry and Nashville, it makes it easy to have decades of expertise in your field helping your community like Dr. Cristin Lewis. She’s the daughter and sister of dentists and a lifelong Nashville native. Dr. Lewis offers a total-body style of dental care built on her continuing education because she believes in offering the best in patient education. She’s your reliable dentist in Bellemeade who knows the value of breathing better, smiling bigger, and living longer.

Airway Dentistry

Did you know that by simply breathing better you can dramatically improve your quality of life? Dr. Lewis is your Green Hills dentist and exclusive airway mouth doctor who believes in the power of a structurally sound mouth and how it relates to the other parts of your body. She can evaluate and assist with treating obstructive sleep apnea, snoring, and more.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Look no further for your cosmetic dentist in Bellemeade — Dr. Cristin Lewis can see you now at Bite Dentistry. Her stunning before and after photos, testimonials, and raving online reviews highlight the journey of patients like you looking to transform their smiles.

Bite Makes Everything Right

Payment and finance options

We are a fee-for-service practice. We do not accept insurance as payment in full, however we will work with your insurance to cover whatever fees they can. We do our best to come up with solutions that work for our patients.

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