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Innovative, Down-Home Dentistry in Nashville

Helping You Take a Bite out of Life

A Different Green Hills Dental Office

The history of Bite Dentistry dates back to when Dr. Cristin Lewis’ father was one of the go-to professionals for top-quality cosmetic dentistry in Nashville. A tradition that she carries on decades later, keeping her late father’s and brother’s dreams of caring for our diverse community alive through exceptional dental care. Dr. Lewis and team have made it their mission to help every patient breathe better, smile bigger and live longer in an environment of trust and love. We see and treat patients from our hearts with compassion, up-to-date knowledge, and advanced technology. Our team of dedicated dental professionals work together to realize one shared vision of integrative holistic oral and overall healthcare.

Meet Dr. Cristin Lewis

Let’s be honest: It can be more challenging than you think to find a Bellemeade dental office that feels right for you. Meet Dr. Lewis, whose true passion is dentistry in Nashville. After earning her degree from the University of Tennessee School of Dentistry, she studied on a post-doctoral level at the Kois Center and the Texas Center for Occlusal Studies. After years of enhancing smiles, Dr. Lewis still felt there was a missing link, leading to becoming a highly experienced airway mouth doctor where your overall health begins with oral health. Her studies also include holistic mouth training with the renowned Dr. Felix Liao and Vivos® Breathing Wellness Centers.

Bite Dentistry in Nashville

A Team to Trust

The team at our Green Hills dental office is focused on fun. While not everyone associates having a good time with a dentistry in Nashville, we’re professional but casual enough that you won’t be able to tell if we’re more like friends or family. Bite Dentistry has a purpose-driven team who aims to educate — without lectures or pushy sales. You’ll be more informed, and less likely to feel confused or anxious about taking care of your smile or giving it a total rejuvenation. We help you to make informed decisions about your dental destiny, no matter how simple or intricate your needs are.

State-of-the-Art from Start to Finish

We want you to always feel at home in our Bellemeade dental office, so getting to know a little bit about it here is sure to add to what’s guaranteed to be a unique experience. Our state-of-the-art facility is where the heart of our style of dentistry in Nashville is shared with you in a pain and worry-free environment for every valued patient. We’ve curated some of the industry’s leading dental technology, hand-picked because of the amazing results they can provide to you and your individual smile goals. Our office is conveniently located with plenty of private parking.

Get to know Bite Dentistry and Dr. Lewis.

Bite Makes Everything Right