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Nashville Biorejuvenation

Laser Dentistry BioRejuvenation: Consider it "Rechewvenation".

Relaxed Muscles. Reduced Stress. Restored Bite.

What is BioRejuvenation Laser Dentistry?

Consider BioRejuvenation laser dentistry a more “biology-based” approach to your oral health. Where traditional dental care focuses on fixing symptoms, Dr. Cristin Lewis looks one step further (beyond what other doctors do) to find out why, instead of just treating the what. You’ll understand the biology behind your smile through this minimally-invasive approach based on extensive research on your body’s natural chewing system. Also taking your airway health into consideration, Dr. Lewis is a certified DEKA laser dentist, dramatically improving quality of life and oral health when your bite is right.

Solving the Painful Puzzle

The more you learn about laser dentistry, you’ll find that it’s a healthy mix of a more sensible philosophy and artful technique to help alleviate:

  • TMJ or jaw pain
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Facial discomfort
  • Teeth grinding
  • Occlusal dysfunction

BioRejuvenation will assure more stability in your jaw joints, muscle relaxation, protection from tooth deterioration, and teeth that fit together optimally. The patients who undergo this process notice an improvement in their overall aesthetics or facial balance where function is fine-tuned to perfection, Enjoy more overall comfort and enhanced wellness through the preservation of your natural teeth.

About Your DEKA Laser Dentist

Becoming certified in laser dentistry like Dr. Lewis means she’s taken the anxiety and pain away from receiving treatments that will change your life. Our technology is a time-saver compared to more conventional methods of care with less discomfort at every step. We rely on a special DEKA CO2 laser that has delivered proven results for patients of varying ages and stages of life. Taking care of yourself and your oral health is easier when you have the right tools and team on your side. Let us show you!

Bite Makes Everything Right